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Five-axis horizontal boring and milling machining center pro

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Five-axis horizontal boring and milling machining center product features?
High torque:
1. Spindle motor 22 (continuous) / 26 (30 minutes) KW large output power.
2. The maximum torque output of the spindle is 1800NM (260kgf-m), which is the highest specification in this step.
3, nose type spindle head can be close to the workpiece during processing, suitable for heavy cutting.
4. The rotary table can carry 10,000~25,000kg.
5. The Z-axis can continuously withstand the axial load of 2000kgf, ensuring high torque and high speed to provide extremely high cutting force.
High precision:
1. The main shaft bearing is lubricated with oil mist, and is surrounded by a tubing-sheathed cooling design to avoid thermal displacement.
2. The flange part of the spindle motor is cooled by tubing.
3. The main shaft is specially nitrided and has no wear for many years.
4. The X/Y shaft lead screw and motor adopt the mechanism of direct-coupled transmission.
High rigidity:
1. The casting structure consists of high-grade cast iron with high stability and strong earthquake resistance.
2. The anti-bending and anti-torsion rigidity of the column is increased by 1.7 times, and stable processing can be performed on the uppermost side of the Y-axis stroke end.
3. The combination of the spindle treated by nitriding and ultra-deep cooling (-190 °C) and the high-precision, high-rigidity spindle bearing can give the best performance of the product for a long time.