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Crane type gantry (square ram)-new energy one die-casting HVT4232/4238/5232/5238/6232/6238-Products-Huadu Jinggong-Kunshan Huadu Jinggong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Crane type gantry (square ram)-new energy one die-casting HVT4232/4238/5232/5238/6232/6238

Features :

No worries about load, no worries about height, oversized travel, and small footprint.The "box in box" structure has strong rigidity and optimal thermal symmetry and stability.Integrated casting, double beam structure, stable and reliable, with excellent accuracy.The square slide pillow is installed in the integral slide saddle, which is embedded in the integral double beam and has super rigidity. It can be used to process the deep cavity of the mold with an 850mm long tool.

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